The purchase is not made via the web, you must contact us through our contact methods and we will provide you with the necessary information for the purchase procedure.

Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

After receiving the payment, you will get the link to download by MEGA drive or GOOGLE drive.

You will receive the link download instantly after receiving the payment when we are online.

It will be available for one week, then we will remove it.

It depends on the type of software, the speed of the internet and specifications and speed of the device on which the catalog will be installed.

  • If the payment has been made and the software has not been installed.
  • When certain requirements explicitly requested by the client are not met.
  • After the software has been successfully installed and the pc has been damaged or infected and the software cannot be used or run properly.

  • When the software does not meet the expected needs or requirements (it is recommended to make all the necessary consultations previously and / or read all the software descriptions correctly).

  • When the diagnostic interface is not compatible with the software that has been installed.
  • When the purchase of the complete files is made and after a period of time the same files no longer allow a correct installation.

1 year for installed software. No guarantee is given for the sale of files or complete installers after the day of sale because due to the nature of the software it cannot be guaranteed that they will function correctly over time.

The warranty covers problems related to the installation of programs where it is required to replace or renew the license.

  • The pc has been infected and the program has stopped working.

  • The program was installed correctly however after installing another program it stopped working.
  • The antivirus exceptions were removed and the antivirus eliminated components for the correct execution of the program.
  • An antivirus was installed and components were removed for the correct execution of the program.

You can contact us through our web contact system or through the following contact methods:

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