VMWare ETKA 8.2 [02.2024]

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ETKA 8.2 [02.2024] Spare Parts Catalog VMWare

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ETKA 8.2 [02.2024] VMWare

Size: 53GB total, 28GB archived (WinRAR)
Region: All Markets
Type of software: Parts catalogs for Vehicles Audi, Skoda, Seat, and Volkswagen
Interface + Database Language: Multilingual
OS: Windows7_32bit
Type: VMWare Workstation Virtual Machine
Installation: Multiple PCs
Year / Release Date: 2024-February-01
Version: Revision 8.2


ETKA 8.2 Algeny 2024-02-01 program versions:
Audi upd 1539
VW upd 1539
Seat upd 1065
Skoda upd 1071
Commercial upd 1539
Price upd 377